June 13, 2009

Charter > Catalina

Catches of the Day: 3 White Sea Bass 2 Yellow Tail 2 Sargo 2 Sheephead 2 Calico Bass

We had a full day charter for this past SAT and you know what a good bite brings on a weekend, A LOT OF BOATS!

We got going early thanks to the crew being early and were at the LBBC receiver getting tanked up by 3 am, thanks again to LBBC for always taking good care of us…..

The ride over was just what I was hoping for to make some good time and get to the zone just before grey, as the crew slept we were cruising on glass conditions over to the grounds.

As we pulled in to the zone there must have been 100 + boats, so we metered around and found a spot that looked to be good and was not to close to anyone for any fish drama later if we hooked any of these fish.

I had all the gear ready to go the evening before, just tied the 5 oz sinkers on and we were dropping baits in by 5 am and hooked our first BLACK SEABASS on the first drop.

We got her a safe release and untangled a few lines and got some new baits right back down…

2 sips of my coffee and the bow rod is bent over and then one of the stern rods go….!!!

I said here we go boys, and it was game on…. We lost 1 of the 2 as the fish were crossed and burned one off…. I told Mike we would get him another and not to worry, shit happens and got his bait back in the water….

We hooked 1 more toad YT and then that is when Mike’s luck changed, as I baited his rod and set it in the holder for him….. It bent straight down as the bait hit the bottom, I told him this looks good……

Mike has been chasing a WSB for a lifetime, and to me it looks as we had maybe one going right at his finger tips…

As we got color, I knew it was a good fish and the right kind for him… I didn’t say anything to him until I had the gaff sunk good into the fish and then let him know his worries were now over….

First seabass and a 35 pound one at that, nice work!

I have never seen a bigger smile in my entire life as I did that morning on his face! WHAT A DAY!!

We hooked 2 more biscuits and it was time to go look for our SEASONS SLAM!

We hooked a few short butts, but just could not find that one to complete our slam for the day.

Epic day of fishing with a great crew that worked hard with me all day, thanks very much guys for fishing with SEASONS SPORTFISHING!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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