June 01, 2013

Full Day 'Coronado Island' 5am - 5pm

Catches of the Day: 1 White Sea Bass 2 Yellow Tail

It was finally time after getting the new rig wet after all the upgrades to get our first group out for a seabass trip this past weekend!

Seems like it was forever but after running the new boat it was all worth the wait and could have not been more happy to get those first exotics on the boat!

We had a great open party group to set out in search of some seabass and maybe a yellowtail.

Ran up to Newport to get loaded up on our squid and then it was time to set a course to one of our favorite islands Catalina for a days fishing.

Got set up in a good looking spot and waited it out through gray and moon over head with no bites. I think we maybe caught 1 bass for our morning.

It was time to put the boat into gear and go looking for conditions to try to catch something for the guys.

Always a monkey on your back with a new rig… Is it going to be a fishy boat? Will she have good juju??? Racing through my mind…

We made several moves until we came tight on the hook on a spot that looked good and we were going to put some time into for the day.

Conditions were coming together with a uphill current and soon after it switch one of the guys hooks a good one! Around the boat and into the reach off the gaff we have our first yellow on board the new boat!

It wes about an hour later we hook another yellow, then the down time came and went……

Conditions came straight again and Angler Eric Cu hooks a good one with the kind of head shakes and tail beats I have come to love….!

Around the boat Eric get the tour and soon we put the gaff into the new SEASONS first seabass!

All fish came on the 1/2 slider fishing your heart out for the right bite!

As I laid my head down that night it felt good to have that money off my back and say to myself I think we have another fish killer in the making!

Thanks guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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