June 09, 2013

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Catches of the Day: 3 White Sea Bass 2 Halibut

We had another great weekend on the new rig with a great group of guys that were very patient waiting again for the right bite.

Again it started off with not a sniff all night for the guys and one stayed up all night fishing hard for only one cuda.

I got the wake up call at 5:00 am sharp and checked the conditions as we fished through gray and saw nothing and decided to make a move and start our hunt.

We made a good move and fired up the coffee maker and made a round for the boys to get the blood going.

Found a lil spot that didn’t look perfect but was hoping it might come together.

Put in about a hour and half and one of the guys hooks a good one with them right heads shakes!

Around the boat and on the right gear we put the gaff in a good seabass. I really stress about having the right gear cause you never know what your going to hook and where these things want to go after you do….

Don’t be scared to fish heavy rope to get the job done!

It was about an hour later and Angler Steven gets slurb up and it was off to the races around the boat a couple time and then his fish settles down in the corner.

We put that one on deck with high fives and only 1 more fish to go and we are done!

Long story short that was the last hook up of the morning and then the pain staking day began of fishing hard through the down time…

The guys worked hard all day for the last fish and it came in the afternoon with another fish coming on the dropper and 2 halibut.

We had a mix of fish on the slider and dropper this day, so remember to cover your bases!

Thanks guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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