August 13, 2012

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Catches of the Day: 3 Albacore 12 Dorado 25 Yellow Tail

We had one of those days I know the crew will remmeber for year to come as it was full speed for about 2 hours and we were done by 11 AM and headed home.

The morning started off like every other morning with the hunt and not seeing much for kelps to fish or any signs of life.

We rolled through an area in the early AM that looked very good but we kept motoring south as the temp kept dropping and no signs of life I make the call to return to the area in the AM and that is when the shit hit the fan!

We get a troll fish on ALBACORE! Which turns into a couple bait fish for the very elusive albacore that has left our waters for the last couple of years.

After only boxing inthe area a couple times we spot the magic paddy that yeilds limits of dorado and yellows for the crew!

Thanks guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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