May 12, 2012

Charter > Catalina

Catches of the Day: 5 White Sea Bass 20 Calico Bass 5 Sheephead 1 Barracuda

We were at it again this past weekend and had our first limit trip of the season for passengers & crew on some better grade seabass!

Had a great crew onboard that kept with the game plan and fished hard and we were all done by 9am and handed it off to some friends.

I love to see things come together and smiles for everyone as each fish comes onboard with high fives and back to work to finish up.

Conditions are ideal and if you want to get out on one of these trips please give us a shout as its in full swing!

Thanks again to the USAsportfishing crew and Pam for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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