May 05, 2012

Charter > Catalina

Catches of the Day: 1 White Sea Bass 15 Calico Bass 1 Sheephead

Well we were back at it again this weekend with a father and son charter to get over to Catalina for a days fishing.

The idea when doing these types of trips, is making sure the (2) 9 year old boys catch some fish!

We got loaded up a lil late but made it off with a bright moon for our crossing and pretty good weather to go with it on Saturday.

Got tanked up from Marie Claire and headed to the zone where the day before it snapped for a few boats…

We showed up and put the hook down for a diffrent day and current not doing anything really… So we gave the exotic thing a try and so it was off just to catch some fish for the boys and get them hooked on fishing…

We beat up beach and kelp line after beach and kelp line for hours with some good calico fishing and some sheephead for the boys.

Then mid morning we find a lil spot that looked pretty good and with a couple moves of the boat and a good 2 hour soak and chum charter master Mike was on the right kind!

After a nice fight we sunk the gaff into a nice seabass for the crew and high fives we were on the board!

It came and went as fast as it did together, but the boys got to learn and see it so makes a happy captain…

Water was on the up and up as we saw some spots of 63 through out the day.

Wanted to thank the guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing and hopes we got another 2 young men hooked on a new sport outside baseball!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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