July 08, 2011

Charter > Coronado Islands

Catches of the Day: 1 Halibut 30 Sand Bass 5 Barracuda

We had a great group out on Friday from Nashville to fish Coronado Island. Scott and his 3 sons have fished a few times on the east coast but this was the first trip fishing on this side of the country.

We kicked it off with 2 full tanks of squid we made the night before and prepped the boy on what we would be doing and were off to get the boys into a days fishing.

Got to the island and found the 2 mile strech of birds and put the hook down on a nest of squid and went to work. We started catching some cuda and full speed on bait making on the squid jigs.

Waited it out for a bit for nothing and decided to run inside and put the boys on a sand bass bite that was full speed on all toads!

It took about a 1 1/2 and we put limits of sand bass in the bag and a nice halibut for one of the boys.

Ended the day back at the island with some cuda action before we headed to the barn to cut fish.

All in all great day with a few boys that love to fish and fish hard!

See you guys next summer for a tuna trip!

Thanks again for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing.

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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