April 27, 2011

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Catches of the Day: 15 Rock Cod 1 Calico Bass 1 Sand Bass

We had a lil weather window mid week with all this wind we had been having and called up Mark Wisch as well as one of our regulars Bob to get out and get some lines wet on our local grounds.

Kicked the day off ay 7am with warmth and summer in the air down in the marina. We packed up and were off to get tanked up and talk about where we would be fishing for the day.

As always LBBC has plenty of perfect lil anchovies as well we took a pass of some beautiful deans. The bait this time of year is just fire.

We decided to start fishing deep structure due to they upped the forcast in the AM with that good old spring time wind!

It was a pretty slow monring on the COD grounds with any size really wanting to bite.

We picked away and looked for new ground and by the time we found some stones holding lady nature kicked up once again with wind and was hard to keep the hook down and positioned on the hardbottom we needed to be fishing.

We decided to change plans and go looking at izors for a bass… Maybe a bass on a flylined bait???

First bait in the water and Bob hooks a nice calico in some very green and ugly water but we were on the board.

As Mark does time and time again sits quit and fishes two rods and gets bit for the jackpot sand bass of the day!

It got pretty ugly out there around 2:30 and called it a day, always fun guys!

Water was a dirty green and cold. Having some issues with our temp gage so all I know it was cold in the bait tank!

It was good to see some bass want to play on flylines baits, things to come!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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