November 27, 2010

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Catches of the Day: 26 Vermillion Rockfish 3 Rock Cod 2 Lingcod 4 Grouper

We were at it again over the weekend with a small weather window on Saturday to get the guys our for a day of fishing.

Had a great group again this week that knew the drill and went right to work as we got to the grounds and after 1 drift everyone was in the game and it was game on!

This was our 5th trip in a row with our SEASONS TACO BAR SLAM! (Cow, Ling & Red).

Weather was epic for most of the day with a small offshore breeze in the AM and a few hours of no wind but good current as the weather switched and our offshore system arrived.

I really enjoy these trips after our long battle on the tuna grounds for months, it is nice to see the HUGE smiles as guys pull TANKERS off the bottom and the kill bag is loaded with good quality fish.


- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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