February 21, 2009

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Catches of the Day: 1000 Squid

It is almost that time of the year once again and we could not be more excited to get back at it this season doing what we love the most , fishing fishing fishing! We made a crew trip over to Catalina Island on Friday night to have a look around and try to make some squid and stock the freezer for the upcoming season. After working around the back side of the island about 9 pm we found what we were looking for , the right meter marks to say the least! We put out the light and it was a full on float (squid float) like i have never seen before, you could almost walk out on them. We made out bait in about 5 minutes and put out the bbq and just enjoyed some steaks and the beautiful site of the squid doing there thing.

We had a look around that next morning and the conditions looked pretty good for the target specie (white seabass) , so we put in some time in a few spots and it payed off in the afternoon. We hooked two small white seabass on the kelp line, but were released to grow up and catch another day.

It should go any day now , I didn’t meter any larger fish in the shallows that day but I am sure they will come in from the deep shortly.

Here is a few cool pictures of some squid up at the surface, what a beautiful thing to see!!

Looking forward to making some trips with you guys this seasons!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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