August 28, 2010

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Catches of the Day: 6 Vermillion Rockfish 6 Sculpin 6 Rockfish 1 Barracuda

We had a couple guys in town on biz from the east coast over the weekend that had a day off before some meetings this week and wanted to get out on the water for a day.

Started the morning down the beach in Mexico at the Tijuana flats to see if we could get any of the sand bass to play but leaving the slip it was a cold, windy morning blowing 10 to 15 out the gate south south west.

The ride down was not bad at all but the guys being from Florida thought it might be summer out here and really didn’t have much prepared in layers of clothing!

It was a cold first part of the morning and the flats didn’t want to kick out the bass bite I was hoping so we made our way to the islands to have a look around for some yellow.

Islands are still cold and green as we worked south kelp for a short bite on a crushed bait and some barracuda that was pretty much it.

We decided to go look at a few stones because the guys had a big dinner planned with some others from work in town and they found place downtown that would cook there catch for the day.

We found a nice stone that wanted to bite as well as some much needed sunshine.

We pulled on some FAT reds and after we had all we needed to fill plates for 8 guys we head for the barn.

Another tough day fishing, but in the end how tough is being on the water and meeting new friends and laughs all day.

Thanks again guys fishing with Seasons Sportfishing.

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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