June 19, 2010

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Catches of the Day: 2 Yellow Tail

We made the move last week down south to the beautiful city of San Diego to start getting ready for our offshore season. We had a couple of trips in the books to get going offshore, but due to the Blue Fin Tuna being up and down and still 110 + miles down we opted to wait and fish a lil closer to home.


We started on Saturday at Coronado Island as one of the first boats on the grounds and was attacked by the dogs with every bait put in the water, tried every trick in the books to shake them but was just poring through the bait as fast as we put them in the water.

We opted to make a move as the boat pressure was building fast and dogs were not letting up, so we picked up and ran down below the rock pile to take a looks around. Water was beautiful and 65 degrees with a bit of a swell and some wind. We made some drifts over an area we metered some bait and was rewarded with our first fish for the day.

We made a few more drifts as I was metering fish under bait balls and after a short time we had another one going for our charter master.

Couple of fish in the box and weather coming up fast with the wind and swell we made the decision to start heading back up the line so we would not get to beat up.

Just below the islands we started to see turns on the birds and tons and tons of bait and ran a few jigs and put some bait in the water for no go.

It is just time before the tuna move in and stick, if that bait is there its game on!

Thanks again guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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