June 05, 2010

Open Party > Catalina

Catches of the Day: 2 White Sea Bass 1 Yellow Tail 15 Calico Bass

We had the pleasure of fishing with Bill Swift and Rox once again, and most of you know sharing the rail with these two is nothing short of a good time all day long! We also had a new face Charles onboard with us for the day and fit right into the program from the start.

Kicked off the dock a lil early due to it being Saturday and we knew the crowds were going to be in full effect as I wanted to leave some time to get over to the island and meter around before we had to get to work.

We got all tanked up once again with some red hot bait from our friends on the Marie Claire and were off to round the corner to see a sight of at least 200 + boats.

I started looking inside the fleet where we caught some fish the days prior, but just did not fill comfortable with all the traffic and opted to go else where with out so much boat pressure.

We got all the gear down and I make us some fresh coffee and as we were enjoying the morning cup as Bill’s rod gets bumped and then bumped again.. He picks it up and sets the fish up and a few good runs I stick a gaff in a big PIG and high fives for crew as this was Bill’s first WSB 2010!

It was about an hour of soaking bait and look out the corner of my eye and see Charles rod umbrella and shout to him your bit my friend! He got to take a few tours of the boat with no drama and we get to color a beautiful PIG yellow!

We spent about an hour more soaking and was time to go look for our halibut to round off the trifecta for the first one of the year. We pounded beach after beach but for no luck all day for calicos and some other critters.

It was nearing our day and Rox had been working all day long with not a sniff on her rod all day (besides killing the guys in calicos all day), the boys had one each in the bag and drinking cold beers. I found a lil spot of conditions on our last stop of the day and knew if there were any chance of getting her a fish this was it….

We fished for about 30 min then I watch Bill pick a bait out of the tank and tap it to Rox rod and cast it for her and shouted out “That is the one that will get bit”!!!

Not five minutes later rod starts pulling line and Rox picked it up and set up a drag burner and was on some big head shakes!

After a good fight in the shallows, we saw the fish come to color in the sun and knew it was a PIG!! Told her to wind down a couple more times and we stuck a good one…..!

High fives and a huge smile on Rox face and after a tough year I know this one was well deserved. Congrats Rox!!!

Always a pleasure fishing with you 2 and also new addition Charles, congrats on a monster Catalina yellow!

Thanks again guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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