May 26, 2010

Open Party > Catalina

Catches of the Day: 1 Halibut 10 Calico Bass 1 Sargo 2 Sheephead 4 Leopard Shark

We had a group that wanted to get over to Catalina for some seabass action that had been pretty good days before. We got a bit of a late start but broke the jetty wall at 3:30 am and got a call into Darrel Marie Claire and he was all tanked up with squid which is always good news to me as we were heading over.

We reached the grounds after getting the tanks plugged (thanks Darrell for the healthy scoops) and reached the fleet that had to be at least 75 boats and set up in about 15 fathoms on a lil squid nest to get the day started.

We had a few fire drills with a few rays, but we did not hook any of the right kind there in the morning, so we pull the chain and headed off to find some conditions.

Our next stop was a pocket of conditions that looked good as we set up and first up was Christian with a nice halibut for the kill bag. Nice work Christian!!

Up next was Todd with some head shakes and thought it might be another halibut, but it was a seabass that saw the gaff and took 1 last run and came unbuttoned which was a heartbreak because that was Todd’s first go around with his targeted seabass.

Thats was our chance for the day, we gave it a hard look all day long. Bass fishing was so so, but day by day fishing is turning on over there.

Thanks again guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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