September 09, 2009

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Catches of the Day: 1 Striped Marlin 7 Dorado 11 Yellowfin Tuna 10 Yellow Tail 2 Skipjack Tuna

We had a great group of guys out yesterday on one of our open party trips to fish offshore in some very beautiful weather and seas for the day.

Loaded up the guys at 3 am sharp and some decent bait and headed to an area south west of the 425 that was holding some fish the day before..

We arrived in the dark and somehow, some way I caught a glare of a paddy in the dark…

Got the boat set up and was game on with dorado in the dark and 1 short from limits before the sun came up!

The fleet began to grow so we decided to head southwest to find some tuna and yellowtail for the guys to pull on for the rest of the day.

Just about 10 miles down the road we find a paddy we were looking for with loads of yellow tail and tuna outside of it on our drifts..

We spent the next 2 hours playing with those guys before we were at about limits for the boat and headed back up the line in search of a marlin.

We stared to get into a zone and I said to Michael this is starting to look like marlin country with a water temp of 74.0 and beautiful blue water.

Seconds after that we get lit up on the starboard corner jig once, then the guys says… “I think we just got bit”!!

As I looked back and saw the rod go again, then again… Then out of the water she smashes the bait and puts the 30 wide into drag burning action!!

After a nice show and 40 min of back breaking action, Ben gets her to the boat with a perfect hook set and a clean release for high fives and a very happy captain to have the first marlin of the year on the SEASONS!

Great work from everyone to make it a day to remember for everyone, thanks again guys for fishing with Seasons Sportfishing!

- Captain Jamie Thinnes

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